Festival of Fiji – Travel Advice

Visa requirements

  • Please check the following link to the Fiji High Commission to see if you require Tourist Visa BEFORE traveling to Fiji: www.fijihighcom.com
  • It may be advisable to get preaching visa if you intend to distribute books to the public.

Travel arrangements


  • You have to book and pay for your airfare from your country to Nadi International Airport in Fiji. Look out for specials with the following airlines – Fiji Airways, Qantas, Virgin, Air NZ, or any other airline with code share or connecting flights.     


  • Upon arrival at Nadi International Airport in Fiji, you can take the Pacific Express Bus from the Airport to Suva City (Bus Fare ~FJD$20.00, and takes about 4hrs 20mins; Taxi Fare is ~FJD$190.00 and takes approximately 2.5 – 3 hrs).
  • Find about bus timetables
  • OR you can book a connecting domestic flight from Nadi Airport to Nausori Airport. The cost is approximately FJD$150.00 with a flight time of about 30 mins. Nausori to Suva is about 30 min taxi ride, and the Taxi Fare is ~ FJ$25.00.
  • Find out more about taxi fares.
  • From Suva City you can catch a Taxi to your Hotel (Fare < FJD$10.00), where you will stay for the first few nights of the Festival.
  • Please do let us know when you are coming by emailing festivaloffiji@gmail.com, and if you really need any help travelling from Nadi Airport to Suva.
  • From 14 – 22 Sep, 2024 we will take care of your travel needs during the Festival.

Festival Registration

For Festival Registration, details here

Festival Program

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